Tena Pant Men Active Fit Plus Large 8 Pack (2pcs)

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Tena Pant Men Active Fit Plus are pants designed to help men to control urinary incontinence. They are made from comfortable, dermatologically tested materials, and are shaped to fit your body with a masculine cut and style. This product is ideal for men who live an active lifestyle and do not want their incontinence to affect them.

Tena Active Fit Pants use a secure absorption zone which keeps leaks locked in and absorbs any moisture or liquid instantly. This helps to keep you feeling dry and comfortable while the odour control works to prevent any unpleasant odours.

Recommended for:

  • When you may not make it to the toilet in time
  • Social events and travel
  • All-day protection for continual leaks
  • Sport

These pants are ideal for moderate leaks or surges. It is especially designed for men who live an active lifestyle and are perfect for when playing sports, going for a jog, or daily activities. These Men's incontinence underwear are ideal for maximum discretion and comfort, with the confidence and security of high-absorbency.

Large - Fits a waist of 85-125cm

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