Tena Pants Women Discreet Medium (8 Pack) (2pcs)

SGD32.99 SGD44.99

Tena Pants Women Discreet are body contoured full briefs that are designed to be worn just like regular underwear. Made specifically for female anatomy, these are ideal to manage moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

Featuring odour lock technology and soft, stretchy, breathable fabric to keep you feeling fresher for longer, while the soft leg cuffs and elastic waistband provide assurance and comfort.

  • Suitable For: Women
  • Size: 8 Pack
  • Dermatologically Tested? Yes
  • Medium 75-100cm

Tena Pants Women Discreet is used for:

  • Everyday moderate bladder weakness – more than a cup but less than a whole bladder
  • Discreet and secure protection – even under fitted clothes
  • An alternative to a higher absorbency pad
  • A day on the golf course or a netball tournament

Directions on how to use
These pants are specifically designed for the female anatomy as a pull-up style pant to be worn like normal underwear. With a Lock Away Core™ to rapidly absorb liquid and made from a soft quiet breathable material wear these for ultimate discretion.

Always read the label and use only as directed.

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