Tena Men Protective Underwear Level 4 Large (8 Pack) (2pcs)

SGD46.99 SGD68.99

Tena Men Protective Underwear Level 4 are pants made of soft, breathable fabric designed to look and feel like regular underwear. Designed to provide maximum protection with targeted absorption in the front section these are ideal for heavy bladder weakness or when you want the security and comfort of wearing underwear.

  • Suitable For: Men
  • Size: 8 Pack
  • Dermatologically Tested? Yes
  • Waist 95-125cm

Tena Pants Men Level 4 features:

  • Snug and secure fit for male shape
  • Grey waist band with a grey stripe pattern to resemble male underwear
  • 100% breathable for skin health
  • Soft, cotton-like elastic material for comfort
  • Odour Control™ for complete freshness

    Why Choose TENA?
    Because it has a comfortable, effective and discreet solution for men.

    Its comfortable shell shape was specifically designed for the male anatomy and it's so unobtrusive that isn't noticeable underneath.

    The adhesive strip keeps the pad in the ideal position to not have concerns, or stop what you're doing.

    With this product, the men who lose a few drops can rely on the extra protection they need, even if they have a very active life.

    Directions on how to use
    Designed like regular underwear with distinct, elastic waistband and discreet brief cut.

    Always read the label and use only as directed.

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